Frequently Asked Questions


Is our honey raw and unprocessed?

Yes! Our honey is the freshest you'll find! We collaborate with professional beekeepers to obtain only what the bees can spare from their colonies, which is harvested raw and cold extracted.


Is the wax from your bees natural?

Absolutely! Our wax is collected cold from the hives and delivered unfiltered, preserving all of the hive's goodness without being cooked out or filtered. Raw and unadulterated, complete with propolis!


What exactly is propolis?

Propolis is a magnificent product made by bees from the sap of evergreen trees, and when coupled with bee wax, it forms a sticky barrier layer that is utilised to coat the colonies. Propolis isn't just great for safeguarding the hive; it also provides a lot of benefits for us humans! Propolis contains antifungal, anti-inflammatory, and wound-healing properties.
We've included it in our candle line because it helps to clean the air as it burns!


Why is beeswax so costly?

Quality takes precedence over quantity. Beeswax burns slower than its synthetic wax counterparts. It burns brightly and doesn't produce soot when used with a cotton wick, plus it offers health benefits like producing negative ions that bond to air particles and help eliminate pollutants from the air. It's also sourced raw from our intelligent bees' local hives. Bees Wax is only sourced when it is ready to be harvested.


Are you stealing from the bees?

No. It is a farming/harvesting agricultural procedure. We are hobby farmers. Bees can adjust to the loss of honey, and at Norma May Honey, we only remove what the bees have left over; we never take from their main supply, only their surplus. We have qualified professional beekeepers who look after our bees and ensure that they are well cared for and that there is enough food for them to survive.


What is the purpose of using organic coconut oil in your candles?

This keeps the light burning steadily and prevents tunnelling.


When honey is batched, how long does it last?

We do recommend you use it all up within 2 years from batch date. However, we know our honey is delicious and won't even last that long in your cabniet!


Should I keep my honey refrigerated?

No, keep it at room temperature in a dark spot, such as a pantry, to preserve its flavour.


If my honey crystallises, what does it mean?

It simply means that it has gotten tad bit cold.

Put it in a warm place and it will convert back to liquid. If mine crystallises, I place it on the window sill in the sunlight for a time, especially in the winter!


What is the ideal candle wick length?

Cutting the wicks as per the directions on the bottom of the candles is recommended. The ideal length is 6mm, but we enjoy a long, bright burn, so we keep ours lengthier. Never, ever, ever leave a candle unattended.


When the candle has burned out, what should I do with the jar or tin?

Visit our social media accounts for suggestions and ideas. @normamayhoney






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