About Us

Norma May Honey
Unfiltered. Raw. Real.

Honey by Norma May, unfiltered. Real and genuine. It all started with two neighbours' home hives and a mutual love of bees. A conversation started...

"How can we teach people about bees and hives, and make the deliciousness we have available to customers in a way that is ethically sourced and 'bee friendly,' extracting only what the bees can spare?"

Norma May Honey was launched with Bee Keeper expertise and guidance on our bee adventure!
We want people to know where their honey comes from when they buy it from us. What method is used to extract it? What are the functions of bees? Have they been harmed?


Our honey is RAW, cold-extracted hive honey sourced from our expert beekeepers who ensure that our bees are in good health.

Beeswax and Propolis are also easily obtainable from the hives!
Plastic and chemical-free elixir candles, direct from our garden bee hives to you. Absolute and pure! There are no filters, glues, or artificial smells. Our candles are filled with healthy ingredients. While it burns, a candle that benefits your body!
Our candles contain Propolis, a natural defense-line mixture produced by honey bees for their colonies that has exceptional antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and antibacterial properties, as well as a Queen A component!

Only what the bees can spare is extracted from the hives to make our Bees wax. We want to further educate our consumers and create a healthy, safe environment for our girls to flourish, guided by our local bee keepers. Beeswax has a longer burn time than soy and paraffin.
With its natural colouring and aroma, it aids in the removal of contaminants such as dust, mould, and pollutants from the air, while burning cleanly.
Beeswax functions as a natural humidifier. 

Do you suffer from allergies? Asthma? We've got you covered.

We use only high-quality cotton and soy wicks and a dash of organic coconut oil to ensure a bright burn every time. These candles are mild on the nose, with no overpowering scents, and waft delicate scents of honey and coconut into your environment.

What magnificent talented creatures bees are, bringing an abundance of goodness to our gardens and spreading the love by enhancing our habitat! 

Thank you for coming to see us in our garden.




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